We carefully select our materials


is a shiny string made out of nylon material, it is appropriate for the base of the bracelet. It’s soft, pliable, and can be used for numerous different knotting techniques. It dries fast and doesn’t have the feeling of being wet. Knotting it with a combination of beads produces a different. jewelry.


These links are made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc. It has a distinctive yellow golden color, but to improve durability it is covered with platinum, a silver, precious metal. It is used in high-end jewelry, it’s an advantage of being really durable. That does mean that over time it will not succumb the wear and tear under the influence of skin pH, sweat, perfumes, saltwater,…

Shamballa beads

These beads are made from polymer clay with crystals, it’s base compound polymer clay is also a modeling mass. A high-quality material used for different jewelry beads, it comes in different colors. After it is fired with heat, it becomes a hard and strong material, with good durability and does not break as easily as ordinary clay.

swarovski crystals

A shiny, artificial crystal made in Austria from cutting glass. It has a similar look as a diamond, but because it is man made and cannot be found in nature, it is lower in price. Special glass cutting technique known only to the family Swarovski achieves refraction of light, that is when light enters the stone, rebounds and creates a soft shine. To the naked eye barely discernible from a diamond.